Artfully Designed. Thoughtfully Curated. Expressively Worn.

Handmade Midwest modern jewelry

Your Jewelry Designer

Hi there! it’s me, Jen.

Your artist, designer, creator and maker all rolled into one. I’m a mom of 2 wonderful girls, and I’m married to an incredibly supportive husband who lovingly challenges me to be a better artist every day.

Every day I pinch myself and thank my God in heaven for allowing me the opportunity to pour my heart out into what I love doing most. Creating. There aren't enough heartfelt thanks to my family and friends for motivating me, encouraging me, loving me and providing me the chance to show I am capable of doing so many great things.

My insane obession over textiles, color, fabrics, interior design and fashion is where I draw most of my creativity from. As I design, my intentions are to be thoughtful, while creating a fresh, yet subtle approach to my designs. 

 I am head over heels in love with creating jewelry and I hope my passion for it radiates through my product and brand.