Handmade Midwest modern jewelry

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Your Jewelry Designer

Hi there! it’s me, Jen.

Your artist, designer, creator and maker all rolled into one. I’m a mom of 2 wonderful girls, and I’m married to an incredibly supportive husband who lovingly challenges me to be a better artist every day.

Every day I pinch myself and thank my God in heaven for allowing me the opportunity to pour my heart out into what I love doing most. Creating.

There aren't enough heartfelt thanks to my family and friends for motivating me, encouraging me, loving me and providing me the chance to show I am capable of doing so many great things.

My insane obession over textiles, fabrics, interior design and fashion is where I draw my creativity from and there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes when designing a product from start to finish. The easy part is drawing on inspiration from the environment around you and the things that make you happy. The hard part can be the execution of the image or story you are trying to share with others. As I design, my intentions are to be thoughtful, while creating a fresh, yet subtle approach to my designs. 

 I am head over heels in love with creating jewelry and I hope my passion for it radiates through my product and brand.